What is Point to Point

·      Point to Point is a series in which each month (or so) an individual from Canadian orienteering chooses who they would like to interview. The interviewee goes on to become next month’s interviewer.
·      Point to Point is a fun experiment. The experiment is to see how long the chain of interviews can continue and how it will evolve over time
·      The goal is that the chain will be organic, having a life of its own and requiring no outside intervention


·      Entertain
·      Share stories and history related to Canadian orienteering
·      Share personal tips and insights into racing, coaching, and/or organizing events.


·      Interviewer (the person doing the interviewing)

o   find an person to interview who:
§  is interesting,
§  is willing to meet all interviewee obligations (especially the obligation to keep the chain going!).
o   Make up a number (say, six to eight) of interesting and fun questions
o   Conduct and record the interview (can be by email, in person, via Skype, etc)
o   Create a written record of the interview suitable for the Point to Point blog and Orienteering Canada newsletter, including pictures and maps provided by the interviewee
o   Add a photo of yourself to the written record.
o   Review the written record with the interviewee
o   Publish the written record to the Point to Point blog

·      Interviewee (person being interviewed)

o   answer the interview questions
o   submit images – at least a photo of yourself, plus other relevant images such as photos or maps
o   review final article draft
§  Commit to doing an interview within 4 weeks

Don’t be the person whose interviewee breaks the chain!